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New Year's Resolution Ideas for Performers...

Goals are always good!

New Year's resolutions are fun! You know you're going to get asked about them, so why not use this as an opportunity to set some goals that will help you improve as a performer? Here are a couple ideas that we came up with:

Try a New Style

If you are a dancer, why not try out a new dance genre that you've been curious about? Give it a shot! Make 2019 the year that you step out of your comfort zone and try a new style. Start easy and take a beginner class! You'll be glad you took a chance and tried something new, even if it only further proves that you really prefer your current style of choice.

Cross-Train and become a Double or Triple Threat

A Triple Threat is a performer who can sing, dance, and act. If you have one genre already in your bag, why not add another? It will only improve your performance skills, and you never know when you might need to have that extra training.

Improve on your Artistry

One of the biggest things that makes the performing arts different from sports is the artistry behind what we do. Not only do dancers need to demonstrate speed, precision, balance, and endurance dancers are also required to show emotion and feeling. A singer may have beautiful vocal technique, but if they lack artistry, their performance can often feel dead and a little boring. Someone who performs with artistry, on the other hand, can take the audience on a journey and allow them to experience the emotions they are portraying.

Become Social Media Savvy

You may see social media as something fun to do in your free time, but did you know it could help make or break your career in the performing arts? Instagram and Twitter are great tools that can give you visibility and can even help land a job. Just don't get too wrapped up in a world of "likes" as approval.

Hope these can give you some ideas...Happy 2019!
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