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An Actor's Homework

School is back in session!

School is back after winter break, and for most students, that means lots of homework too. With so much school work, there's no way you could add something else to your plate, right? Um, WRONG! While schoolwork should come before extracurricular activities, being an actor requires a little extra work as well. Let's say you're already in a Studio Dansu acting class, great start, you're on the right track! But your work shouldn't end when class is over...

Actors have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their art. First of all, address anything you might be having trouble with, just as you would in school. Are you having trouble memorizing your lines? Having a hard time projecting or articulating your voice? Those areas should be the focus of your extra assignments at home.  Let your instructor know what areas you struggle with, and they can give you some helpful pointers.

Now get ready to put in the work! Spend time in between classes and lessons to do the following things:

  • Scene/character study - take the time to understand your scenes and the characters in them. Who are they? What drives them? Go deeper than the surface!

  • Practice and memorize your lines - this one is a given, but try applying some different techniques, maybe some that you would use for vocabulary words our your foreign language class like flashcards and word games.

  • Work on your facial expressions - just like you would practice your eye contact for a presentation in the mirror as the final touch, practice your acting lines in the mirror so you can watch your facial expressions and gestures. These are what will bring your performance to life. 

You've gotta do your homework to get good grades in school, and the same thing goes for acting. Put in a little extra work at home, and you'll not only excel in your acting classes, but your acting career as well!

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