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Fall Sports are ending...try Dance!

If you’ve been waiting to sign up for dance classes until Fall sports are over, now’s your chance!

Check out our current schedule online and register through the parent portal. We offer multiple student discounts and accept students all year round. Right now we are offering a Black Friday/December Special that we hope you take advantage of! And...once you are registered, if you refer another family, you will receive $25 off your next tuition payment with our Referral Program!

Maybe your child participates in sports all year round. Dance is still a great choice and is a fantastic compliment to crossgrain for any sport. Any of our classes will improve their agility, flexibility, strength and spatial awareness - all important skills for soccer, field hockey, football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and even swimming, diving and water-polo. Dancers have to work together as a team to create a dance performance. They have to help each other learn and strive to improve every day. Add to that the element of musicality and self-expression and there really isn’t any better activity to support happy and healthy kids.

If you have any questions about our classes or schedule please feel free to contact us at

Help your son or daughter excel in sports by adding dance to their day!

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