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Why are Dress Codes Important?

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Dressing like a dancer makes you feel more like...a dancer!

Here at Studio Dansu we believe in the importance of requiring a Dress Code for our classes. The simplest explanation is:

a dress code ensures that our instructors can see a dancer’s alignment and posture

We need to be able to see any incorrect movement, and baggy clothing can hide bad habits, making corrections difficult.

A dress code also teaches students classroom discipline, helping with overall focus and energy. Although it may seem unnecessary to some parents or people unfamiliar with the dance world, ballet dress code has been around for centuries, and exists to make class more focused and structured.

Arriving in dance attire helps the students feel more like dancers. When children wear their proper ballet attire, it reminds them of where they are, and not on a play date or on the playground. This helps get them in the mindset of learning. Students in their proper dance attire are typically so much more eager to learn and feel like they’re a part of a group that has to work together. Dress codes can also create unity among the class instead of causing a few students to stand out, similar to a school uniform policy. All of this helps immensely in minimizing distractions, and help give classes a unified look.

All of our dance classes at Studio Dansu require students to adhere to a dress code. Hair should always be pulled up and secured off the neck. The proper shoes are important because they are designed to support the technique and style of each specific type of dance. Street shoes that have been worn outside are bad for dance floors, leaving scuffs and dirt. Sneakers that are only worn in the dance studio for classes such as hip hop, need to be clean and only worn specifically for class.

When signing your child up for dance, you are signing them up, not only for dance education, but for lessons in discipline and hard work as well.  

Thank you for helping us provide the best atmosphere and learning environment possible for your children.

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