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Here are our most commonly asked questions and our answers...

Where are you located?

We are convienently located just south of the Beltline at 2500 Rimrock Road Suite 103. Our suite faces the Milio's Drive through connected to the CP Gas Station.

When are you open?

We are open most of the time during the days and evenings, but our office hours are 4:30pm-7:30pm Monday-Thursday and 4:30pm-6:30pm on Fridays.

How do I sign up for classes?

Our class descriptions can be found here under "Classes" and you can enroll for our School Year Program or Adult Classes through our Parent Portal.

What ages do you offer classes to at Studio Dansu?

Our classes begin with our Creative Dance Program starting at 2.5 years old, and our Technique Classes begin at age 6.

How big are your classes?

We keep our class size smaller so that we can give individual attention to all our students. The numbers might vary a bit depending on the age, maturity, or skill level of the classes, but our general rule of thumb is no more than 8 students for classes aged 2.5-6, no more than 10 students for classes aged 6-8, and no more than 12 students for classes aged 8 and up.

How do I know what level of classes to sign my child up for?

We place our students in classes where they are going to succeed and enjoy themselves the most. Students under age 7 do better when placed by their age, but ability is also considered. For students 8 and up, ability is first considered when placing students in classes. For these classes, we recommend that students attend a trial class to ensure they get placed in the correct class level.

What's included in the tuition price?

Studio Dansu offers an all inclusive tuition which includes your child's classes, costumes, and any performances. The only fee that we have is our annual Registration Fee which is collected at the time of registration, and goes towards administrative costs associated with our busy enrollment period.

What is the appropriate attire for the various genre classes?

All of our dance classes require students to adhere to a dress code. Hair should always be pulled up and secured off the neck. The proper shoes are important because they are designed to support the technique and style of each specific type of dance. Our Dress Code can be found online in our Parent Portal.

Where can I buy dance shoes and attire?

We have a small in house boutique for your dance apparel needs, and place weekly orders if we do not have your size in stock.

Can I watch my student in their classes?

Yes! We love that parent's take an interest in their child's performing arts education. We have a live feed to our studio that parents can observe in our sitting area. We do allow parents to come into the studio on occasion when we are ready to show combinations that we have been working on, or during Parent Observation Weeks.

What amenitites are available at Studio Dansu?

For students: our studios are equipped with ballet barres, mirrors, floating floors, a great sound system, and cubbies to store personal belongings.  We also have snacks available for purchase at the front desk, and best of all, we have a fun, and more importantly, a high caliber teaching staff!

For parents: We have a lounge area equipped with a live feed to watch your child, a complimentary coffee bar, and a small toy area for younger siblings.

Are you still accepting students now that the semester has started?

Yes, you can still register!  We offer rolling registration through our fall semester and the first month of our spring semester.  After January 31st, students call still register for technique classes and can join other classes, but will not be able to participate in the May performance.

How are recitals different at Studio Dansu?

First of all, we don't really have a "recital". It is a full performance with a storyline, plot, actors, singers and dancers. It is much higher in quality than your average recital, and also shorter! At Studio Dansu there isn't a dreaded 3-4 hour long recital at a local high school that you have to attend. Our performance is under 2 hours and performed at the Overture Center in downtown Madison. Since it is so different, we encourage you to check us out in May if you are thinking about signing up for next season, or sign up now to participate this year!

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