Our Dansu Crew is a Hip Hop based performance group that was developed for dancers who want to perform more often and compete in local and regional hip hop battles. Members of our Dansu Crew will rehearse and perform several times throughout the year at local events and have the opportunity to attend professional dance workshops to expand their technique and style. Dancers who are in middle and high school are welcome and encouraged to audition. 

General Requirements

A Crew Member...

 has a positive attitude

 is a role model in and out of the studio

 arrives prepared for dance classes at all times

 has a drive and passion for dance

 shows respect for ALL instructors, choreographers, staff members, and parents

Time Commitments

The average hours (more than current schedule) in rehearsal a week are:

Spring (March-May) - 1-2 hours

Summer (June-August) - 2 hours plus two full week camps

Fall & Winter (September-February) - 2 hours

General Studio Dance Classes

Dancers must be enrolled in at least one hip hop technique classes per week. Additional classes are recommended, but not required.

Summer - Must be enrolled in at least one hip hop technique classes per week. Additional classes are recommended, but not required.

Company Technique and Choreography Classes

*Rehearsal times are subject to change based on studio, instructor and dancer availability*

Spring - One-1-2 hour class that meets once per week until the Spring Show on Fridays from 4:30-6:30

Summer - Summer Hip Hop Dance Intensive (7/25-7/29 from 9am-4pm) to advance technically and learn choreography, and One-2 hour rehearsal that meets once per week during our 8-week Summer Session

Fall & Winter - One-2 hour class that meets once per week

Performances and Events

Crew Members will be expected to be available and any extra rehearsals leading up to a performance or event.  


Scheduled Events:

April Workshop - Monsters of Hip Hop Virtual from Chicago, IL

May 2022 - Bratfest

July 2022 - Art Fair on the Square

August Tour (Chicago 2022, St. Louis 2023, Phoenix 2024)

Local Hip Hop Battles - TBD

Financial Commitments

 Crew Members will be enrolled at the unlimited rate for both Summer and School Year Sessions

 Dance Shoes


 Crew Members are responsible for food and accommodations for our Summer Tour



Included with tuition at no additional charge:

 Crew Jacket 


 Classes and Workshops on our Summer Tour

Audition Information

*All dancers interested in joining our Crew must sign up for a 30-minute audition time slot prior to March 31st

The audition process encourages the dancer to reach a higher standard for themselves. They are encouraged to consistently work to improve their dance technique. Auditions are a part of most dance crews, and knowing what to expect is vital to the dancer's success. Even if a dancer has no desire to pursue a career in dance, the audition process will help students prepare for interview situations such as college admissions and job placement.


The audition process is also important because it allows the Artistic Director and Choreographer the opportunity to see the potential dancers. This enables the Artistic Director and Choreographer to make choreographic decisions for the coming year.


What to expect:

Auditions will be one-on-one and cycle through the Artistic Director and Choreographer's rooms. Dancers will have a 15 minute interview and skill check, consisting of technical elements showcasing the dancer's strength. There will then be a 15 minute combination audition where dancers will be taught a very short combination that will include improvisation.  

What to wear:​

Dancers should wear something that they feel comfortable moving in that doesn't limit movement, and clean sneakers that have not been worn outside.

What to bring:​

Dancers will need to bring to the audition:

 Registration Form - available here


Crew Announcement:

Everyone auditioning will receive a notification via email no later than 48 hours following the March 31st deadline.