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Studio Dansu is dedicated to educating and encouraging students to become knowledgeable, passionate, and thinking artists. With the goal of inspiring, nurturing, and sustaining a love of the arts in all our students, Studio Dansu provides comprehensive creative arts education to train the next generation of performers. Students will develop their technique, artistry, and creativity while learning the skills of self-discipline, teamwork, and confidence with aspirations towards local performance opportunities, college performing arts programs, and professional careers.

We focus on teaching the foundations of creative arts, rather than as sport or competition. Our classes incorporate the rich history of each form to help add to the overall education of our students. We hope that our students take the history of these art forms and transform the future in a positive way.

We use a well-structured and age appropriate syllabus for all techniques that take into consideration both our students’ physical and mental development, and ensures the best results in their performing arts education. We also recognize the need for versatility in today’s students who are aspiring professionals or who simply enjoy our classes for fun. We are dedicated to providing our students an excellent performing arts education, and strive to inspire a well-rounded student.


Our facility is conveniently located on the South Side of Madison, close to Fitchburg and Oregon. We have over 6,000 square feet equipped to provide the highest quality of creative and performing arts education. 


Our large dance studios have a fully mirrored wall to allow students to check and maintain their body alignment and work on group unison while learning a variety of dance techniques. Floors are made from a floating subfloor that ensures that dancing bodies of all ages are protected from stress and excessive fatigue, thereby avoiding pain, joint stress, and injury.

Our music and acting rooms create an inspiring space for creative expression while students learn and practice their artistic discipline.

Our Lobby is designed for parents to view their children on multiple large screen TV’s with a live feed from each studio. This is an ideal way for parents to keep up to date with their child’s progress, while also eliminating the distraction that a viewing window or having family members inside the studio can cause. We also provide free WiFi, and complimentary coffee and tea for our families while they wait.


Studio Dansu recognizes that our arts center and the theatres that we perform in occupy the land that is the ancestral home of the Ho-Chunk Nation, who have called this land Teejop (day-JOPE) since time immemorial.

We acknowledge the circumstances that led to the forced removal of the Ho-Chunk people, and honor their legacy of resistance and resilience. We recognize and respect the inherent sovereignty of the twelve First Nations that reside in the boundaries of the state of Wisconsin. We celebrate their rich traditions, heritage, and culture that thrived long before our arrival.

Studio Dansu respectfully recognizes this Ho-Chunk land and affirms that we are better when we stand together and can work towards a collaborative future. We recognize this as a part of our core belief in the transformative power of the arts and our commitment to educating, enriching, and celebrating our shared human experience.

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