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Why Technique Matters

and why do we spend so much time focusing on it?

Technique is the fundamentals of the performing arts, from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in an exercise or combination. Strong technique extends across all areas of the performing arts, regardless of the style.

When you start taking performing arts classes, it may seem that there’s so much focus on the technique side and not so much on the dancing/choreography, music, or the so called "fun stuff". But there are good reasons that our classes start with building technique, and then move on to the more performing aspects. So why is good technique is so important?

The short answer is that:

good technique reduces the chance of being physically injured

Take the feet and knees in our dance classes. Feet are normally used with balanced weight on them. But when you dance, weight on the feet can move in unusual ways that, if done incorrectly, can cause injury. The same with the knees – the tendons, ligaments and muscles are strong but usually used in a certain way. With proper technique, dancers learn how to use their bodies in different ways to not only avoid injury, but to create the artistry that is so desired by our art form.

Technique is the foundation of our dance classes and with good technique you can not only master dance styles, but also learn to keep your body free from injury, and improve your performance.

Not only does technique help with dance classes by ensuring that your body is in alignment, but technique is a key part of any kind of singing lesson too so your vocal chords don't become strained. We spend a lot of time on body posture and breath control because these are critical to a healthy,  long lasting voice.

Ultimately, the best way to improve your technique is attend plenty of classes and make sure to listen to corrections and try to apply them.
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