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The Future is Ours to Create

Welcome to our 4th season at Studio Dansu!

This year we are starting off our year with a theme of "The Future is Ours to Create". Our students will focus on different ways they can incorporate their creativity into their Studio Dansu classes, their lives outside the studio, and even their future.

They will be given time in the classes to develop their creativity with the help of our amazing instructors who will lead our students in creativity building exercises. These activities support the performing arts education that our students are learning in all of their class lessons, and this freedom of expression will help contribute to their performance in the end of year showcase.

There are so many future benefits that performing arts education gives to our students, wether they dream of performing professionally in college and beyond, working in the science or technology industries, or becoming a CEO of a company in business.

Today it is creativity in our studio classes, tomorrow it is the power to innovate the future!

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