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New Performance Company!

Drum Roll Please.....

Its here!

Our all new performance company will be holding auditions and begin in April! We are delighted to start this new pre-professional company where students will have the opportunity to see what it is like to be part of a group and not only develop performance skills, but also commitment and responsibility.

Studio Dansu is at a level where our older students want more opportunities to perform! This is the perfect group for them. We have heard so many times from our students, “That was so much fun, I wish we could do it again!” So, after careful planning a performance company is here!

Our company is not a "competition company", we are solely educational and performance based. So many schools are focused on competition and winning, that they can sometimes forget that our role as dance teachers is to educate and prepare our students for their future. At Studio Dansu our priority is to enjoy the talented students that we have here, and share it with our community and others while on a yearly tour!

More information is available on our company page including requirements and audition dates. We want each of our company members bring something unique to the table and encourage everyone to audition!

A Professional Company is in the works as well...

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