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5 Reasons to Sign up for Summer Classes & Camps

Your Summer Starts Here!

We have some AMAZING camps and classes going on this Summer! We have an 8-week Summer Schedule packed full of our favorite classes for dancers, singers, and actors, and also some FANTASTIC Summer Camps for anyone who is interested in the performing arts, fine arts, or even crafts and games! From "Castles, Princesses, Knights & Dragons" for our Pre-Schoolers to our "Broadway Bound Musical Theatre Intensive featuring Hamilton" for our Tweens and Teens. For a complete list, visit our online parent portal and see the Summer Camps and Classes Tabs.

Why should you sign up for Summer?

1. You continue your technique. 

Continuing your technique, no matter the style, is critical to staying on top of your dicipline. Inspiring teachers provide you with combinations and lessons you need to progress as a student, and challenging classes require you to think fast and adjust, furthering your knowledge and experience. The more solid your technique foundation is the better you are in class and on stage.

2. You stay conditioned.

Keeping your strength and flexibility in dance, and keeping your sight reading up in music or acting is important. For dancers, stopping your routine could potentially result in injury when you come back to dance in the fall; and for vocalists and actors, you will lose your momentum with sight reading.

3. You get to explore new styles, techniques, classes and teachers. 

During the summer, the schedule is splashed with new classes and guest teachers. When you have new teachers and classes, this gives you the opportunity to explore, grow and try on new approaches to your art.

4. You get to learn with new people and make new friends. 

In the summer, the faces in your classes will most likely change. There are people coming from different studios, people new to the area, or people from different states who come to study just for summer opportunities. This provides you many learning opportunities. You can learn how they approach technique, tips they have, or learn from advice they may have received. Together, you can develop a new friendship based on your summer experiences!

5. You get to come to Studio Dansu all day long! 

This summer, our camps run from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, and our classes run from 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM. You literally can spend the whole day singing, dancing, acting, and playing with your friends! We would love to see you for even an hour of your Summer break, and hope to see you in one of our many classes and camps!

Individual pricing for each camp is listed in the camp description in our online parent portal, so get started by creating an account and logging in for a Great Summer of Fun!
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