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The Nutcracker Masquerade
Community Auditions

Studio Dansu is pleased to produce The Nutcracker Masquerade again this year! Below you will find information regarding the rehearsal period and performances. 

*Be aware that while it is expected that all the students will do well in the audition process, there remains a chance that some auditioners may not be cast.

Audition Information

All Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 25th

12:00-12:30: ages 5-8 year olds

12:45-1:15: ages 9-11 year olds

1:30-2:15: ages 12 and up (non-pointe)

2:30-3:00 ages 12 and up (pointe, will also need to attend the non-pointe audition)

Note: Adult Roles will be cast based on interest. Please send an email by September 30th to with your interest and availability.

All auditions, callbacks, meetings, and rehearsals will be located at 

Studio Dansu, 2740 Ski Lane, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53713


Audition Fee:  $10.00 per person (cash, check, PayPal or Venmo)


Audition Attire and Process:

Girls – Black leotard, pink or flesh tone tights, pink or flesh tone ballet shoes,

pointe shoes (if applicable), hair in a bun

Boys – White shirt, black dance pants or leggings, ballet shoes, hair off face

*Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time to allow for registration and preparation (late arrivals may not be allowed to audition). This time is needed to:

  • Check in with the audition staff

  • Collect your signed and completed Audition Form/Contract and Audition Fee

  • Assign an audition number

  • Measure for costumes

  • Allow dancers to warm up before the audition starts

Auditioners will be allowed to warm up until the assigned audition time. Only those who are audition and staff are allowed inside the building for safety.

Each group audition will consist of a series of short ballet combinations and character phrases. In order for the artistic staff to fairly evaluate all children, it is important that your child stay for the entire duration of the audition class.


Note: Casting is at the sole discretion of the casting director, and will be based on technical dance skills, performance ability, and schedule availability. Every effort will be given to showcase all of the performer's abilities. To present the best quality production and interest to our audience, please be aware that some parts are larger or have more stage time for one reason or another. As part of the performing arts education, performers need to understand that these decisions are made for the good of the group as a whole. Parental support in these decisions is necessary and appreciated.

Role Announcement:

Role selections will be announced via email by October 1st. Principal roles will be notified first, and then the rest of the cast will be notified. Please allow time for the casting process, you will be notified as soon as possible.

You must accept your role by noon on Sunday, October 3rd. If you haven't accepted your role by that time, you may not be cast in the production. If you are not able to commit to all rehearsals and show times listed in your selection email, please do not accept the part you are offered.

Production Fee:

The Production Fee (per person, not number of roles accepted) to participate in The Nutcracker Masquerade is $100 for all roles. This cost covers:

  • All rehearsal costs

  • Costumes (purchasing, renting, cleaning, fittings, seamstress fees)

  • Set construction and props (building, renting, fixing)

  • A production tee-shirt

  • Digital copies of professionally taken photos of the rehearsal process and performance

  • Digital copy of the show


The performer may be responsible for their tights, shoes, hair products, makeup, and other personal items. If specialty tights or shoes are needed, then the production fee will cover this.

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