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During this time, we understand the need for students to have something fun to do at home if they are unable to attend in-person camps and classes. That is why we have created Dansu Distance Camps! These awesome camps and classes are delivered right to your door either in a fun-filled box of crafts with easy instructions, or via your computer to follow along with one of our talented instructors.

Classes starting at $10, and week-long camp boxes at $50

Dansu Distance Camp Boxes

✔ All Distance Camp Boxes include a week's worth of activities with paper instructions, links to YouTube video instructions, and extra enrichment activities. Camps are prepared with a 6-10 year old in mind, but would be fun for younger students with more adult help, or older students who might like to elaborate on the given materials.

Art Explosion

Calling adventurous artists to use splatter techniques, water balloon explosions, spin art, and paint-tinted bubble mix to create fabulous creative images in the spirit of artist Jackson Pollock. Campers will explore their expressive potential through a variety of mediums.

Far Fetched Fairytales

Explore fairytales from around the world through storytelling and creative movement. Campers read a new fairytale each day, add some creativity, and teamwork, figure out ways to dive deeper into the stories, and make them something new.

Jurassic Art

Calling all future paleontologists! We will create our own fossils and dino art as well as read and imagine stories about our favorite dinosaurs. Come explore the Jurassic priod and create some pre-historic fun!

Unicorn Adventure

Who loves Unicorns?!? Our campers will go on a sparkly, magical adventure in this camp for children who dream of unicorns. We will create unicorn characters and art inspired by a range of unicorn stories.

Young Artists Studio

Drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture are all included in this camp. The emphasis is on enjoying the creative process, but we will also explore the basics of art structure such as line, shape, value, texture, pattern, space, and color.

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